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Urfi Javed Nude pic

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Latest Urfi Javed Nude & Naked Pics With Controversies 2023

Hello guys, Are you in search of an Urfi Javed Nude Pic? We are going to give all information about Urfi Javed who was born in October 1997 in Lucknow and belongs to a Muslim family. Urfi Javed also known as Uorfi Javed and is an Indian television actor, Social Media Influencer. She appeared in the reality show “Big Boss OTT” season 1 in 2021.

She is famous for her bold dressing sense and unique fashion. She regularly shares her bold pics and videos on social media. Many people admire Urfi Javed Nude Photo bravely, but some people on the internet criticise her. One more special thing is that all her dresses are designed and prepared by herself. Uorfi Javed is always a part of the headline for Urfi Javed Naked and semi-nude dressing style.

Her thinking is out-of-the-box from others and she shows to bold herself on social media. There are a lot of Urfi Javed Hot Pics which was viral on social media because of this she became a part of the controversies. So in this blog, you will get all the sexy pics of her that led to controversy. Instead of wasting your time let’s see the collections of controversial pics of Urfi Javed.Hindustani-Bhau

Urfi Javed Nude Controversial Photos

There are some Urfi Javed Nude Pics which was trolled by famous people and it has been part of the controversy. We have mentioned all the pics of her and the names of people who criticized her.

Hindustani Bhau: He pointed out the photo of Urfi Javed and said it is not the ritual of India that she is roaming outside wearing such semi-nude clothes and constantly posting Urfi Javed Naked Photos on social media. It is sending the wrong message to our children and females also.

After seeing this message from Hindustani Bhau, Urfi replied on Instagram with two long posts to him, She said you always use abusive words in your video is it representing India. how many people have been reformed by your abuses?

Urfi Javed Nude Pics

Urfi Javed Nude pic

Farah Ali Khan: Sorry to say but she needs to be reprimanded for her distasteful dress-up. People are making fun of her and she feels that the way she wears clothes, people like her in those clothes. Why doesn’t anyone tell her that people don’t like her dressing sense and instead of appreciating people are criticising her.

Urfi Javed replied to Farah Ali Khan and said Madam tell me what is tasteful dressing? And I also know that people don’t like me because of wearing this attire. however, I don’t care and it doesn’t matter to me what people think about me.

Urfi Javed Nude Pics

Shabnam Shaikh: After seeing Urfi Javed Nude Pic which was uploaded by Uorfi Javed on her Instagram Shabnam Shaikh said she is making fun of our culture by wearing semi-nude clothes, not only culture, she is also making fun of our Mumbai city. After that Shabnam Shaikh also said, I have a problem with the indecent clothes you wear and roaming on the road. If you want to do something then book the studio and go there and do whatever you want, we have no problem with that.

In reply, Urfi Javed said bitch to Shabnam Shaikh and also said I am challenging you to come and hit me. You have publicly threatened me. We will see who complains against whom. A police complaint is made against the one who is provoking people to kill me. Also, she is Instigating the Muslim community to issue a fatwa for me. In the end, Urfi Javd said Don’t mess with me I will see you.


Ranbir Kapoor: Recently Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Karoop discussed Urfi Javed clothes in a talk show. While Ranbir Kapoor called Bad Taste the fashion choice of Urfi Javed.

Hearing this, Urfi Javed said at the same time she doesn’t care about Ranbir Kapoor’s opinion because Kareena already appreciates her. Urfi was upset after coming across Ranbir’s comments and said, “Go to hell Ranbir, Kareena has praised me it’s sufficient for me.

Chetan Bhagat: At a literary event, He called out Urfi Javed Nudes for distracting the youth with Urfi Javed nude photos. Chetan Bhagat said, “Phone is a great distraction for the youth, especially the teenage boys, spending hours just watching Instagram Reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is. What will you do with her photos?

Reply to Chetan Bhagat’s accusations and wrote, “Stop promoting rape culture you sickos out there! Criticizing a woman’s clothes for the behaviour of boys is an 80’s thing. Who was distracting you Mr. Chetan Bhagat when you messaged girls half your age? Every time blame the opposite gender, and never accept your own shortcomings! People like you misguiding the youth, not me.

Sudhanshu Pandey: Urfi is known for her unique fashion sense. The social media influencer is currently trending for her Diwali post on Instagram in which she wore a topless lehenga. Many people criticize her for posting that type of video on the Diwali festival including Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey. His reaction to the video made her angry and she attack back at Sudhanshu Pandey for his comment on her Instagram story.

Urfi further wrote “Anupamaa is a TV serial about ladies’ empowerment where a lady is shattering all the ‘normals’ set by society for women. Why do not you watch your own show, Sudhanshu?

Monu Deori: In the video, Monu said, I hope that she does not wear such clothes in the whole of Mumbai, She wears the clothes that she is supposed to wear. If you don’t have money then Urfi I am your brother, ask your brother for money. I enjoyed it a lot, YouTube also give me money. I am very ashamed that my sister is roaming around in bare clothes.

Urfi said in this topic you are presenting me as a sister and making fun, how can someone say such words to his sister. What is your problem? If an illiterate person like you does not know the meaning of fashion, then don’t comment unnecessarily.

Chahatt Khanna: Urfi Javed and chahatt’s fight began a few days back. Chahatt said there’s pointless to argue with someone who is stupid. If Uorfi had a brain, she would have worked and not gone around doing semi-nude shoots. It’s okay you can’t become an aunty, wife or even a mother.

This annoys Urfi and she shared a few pics of Chahatt wearing swimsuits and wrote, “Pay attention to the word semi-nude!

Urfi Javed answered through a few video posts. She said It is such an aunty thing that I am not fit to be a wife and a mother. Somebody ask me, I don’t want to be someone’s wife, I don’t want to be a mother. And she further added Chahatt ji you tell. You have become a wife twice, what have you uprooted?


We have mentioned all the information about Urfi Javed Nude Pics in which she becomes a part of controversies. We have collected the information from the news sources and all the information is authentic and real controversies.