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Watching web series anywhere just to spend some time and get rid of boredom is a good choice. But it’s a pretty irritating task to do when you don’t have a proper network connection to watch your favorite web series, Here’s a list of 10 1FilmyWap Ullu web series for you to download and watch later at your leisure.

1FilmyWap Ullu Web Series Download Overview

Web Series NameCastWhere to Watch
The ProducerSakshi Pradhan, Rajesh Khattar, etc.Ullu
Wife In A MetroImran Khan, Ziya Siddiquie, etc.Ullu
Charmsukh S*x EducationRamesh, Manvi Chugh, etc.Ullu
WoodpeckerManish Tyagi, Surabhi Tiwari, etc.Ullu
Charmsukh TrappedAnvesh Bansal, Joshua Chhabra, etc.Ullu
Size Matters 2Shikha Sinha, Karan Singh, etc.Ullu
Riti Riwaz-Love FestivalSharan Kumar, Yash Pandit, etc.Ullu
The Bull of Dalal StreetNidhi Mahawan, Ashmit Patel, etc.Ullu
Charmsukh Mom and DaughterNikhil Arora, Ruby Bharaj, etc.Ullu
Charmsukh Degree Wala TeacherMahima Gupta, Anwar Fatehan, etc.Ullu

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1. The Producer

The ProducerThe attractive model Soniya has accused well-known film producer, Sunny Chaddha of rape, leaving the authorities uncertain of the facts. It stars Sakshi Pradhan, Rajesh Khattar, and more.

3. Charmsukh S*x Education

Charmsukh Sex EducationThe main character of the story is a young girl who is nervous about getting married and thinking about her future. Starring Ramesh, Manvi Chugh and more.

4. Woodpecker


An entrepreneur’s background casts a shadow over his present even as he continuously accrues wealth and expands significantly. Starring Manish Tyagi, Surabhi Tiwari, and more. Download the latest ullu web series from 1filmywap.

5. Charmsukh Trapped

Charmsukh TrappedA happy couple discovers that a plot has entrapped their union. As the only means of escape, a third party makes absurd demands. Starring Anvesh Bansal, Joshua Chhabra, and more.

6. Size Matters 2

Size Matters 2

When Aarohi tries to develop her individuality and gain Aadi’s love, everyone benefits from her. Starring Shikha Sinha, Karan Singh, and more.

7. Riti Riwaz-Love Festival

Riti Riwaz-Love FestivalAn thrilling event where strangers can swap partners for the evening without feeling guilty or attached. Starring Sharan Kumar, Yash Pandit, and more. Download this latest erotic ullu web series from 1filmywap.

8. The Bull of Dalal Street

8. The Bull of Dalal StreetHarshil Mehra’s ultimate goal is not merely to amass wealth but also to reign. Starring Nidhi Mahawan, Ashmit Patel, and more.

9. Charmsukh Mom and Daughter

Charmsukh Mom and DaughterAnya, a refined and dedicated daughter to her single mother, spends an intimate moment for the first time with her partner, unsure if it would be a meaningful connection or simply a passing acquaintance. Starring Nikhil Arora, Ruby Bharaj, and more.

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10. Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher

Charmsukh Degree Wala TeacherIf she fails the exam, her parents advise her to get married. Now the daughter makes the decision to take a big chance and do anything to pass. Starring Mahima Gupta, Anwar Fatehan, and more.